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Vanessa De Prophetis

Vanessa De Prophetis Biography

Vanessa De Prophetis is a Social media personality she is known for running a dog grooming channel that teaches dog owners how to groom their pups at home. Vanessa has been working with dogs since 2011. In 2020, a Girl with The Dogs was launched and in a duration of a month, her channel went viral. 

Vanessa De Prophetis Tik Tok

In April 2020, De Prophetis started her Girl With The Dogs TikTok account to teach dog owners how to groom their dogs at home. She’d been grooming dogs in Niagara Falls, Ontario, since 2011, but with the outbreak of the coronavirus, she wanted to share her knowledge with pet owners who were stranded at home.

“I observed people were having a hard time keeping up with their grooming at home, and it was becoming a major issue,” she adds.

She wanted to raise awareness about the need of grooming for animals’ wellbeing. Grooming avoids matted fur (which can cause skin irritation and infection), overgrown nails, ear infections, and other issues, according to DeProphetis.

“I find  quite unappreciative of groomers’ work,” De Prophetis says, adding that her profession “isn’t just playing with dogs all day.”

One month after creating her account, she went viral for the first time. She shared a hilarious montage of images of her clients’ pets appearing scraggly in lockdown on May 5, 2020, set to a flute music. It received about a million views.

With 40 million views, a November 2020 TikTok video her thoroughly explaining how to groom a German Shepherd put the 29-year-old groomer on the map. “I recall my phone bursting up as I was still checking the app… I couldn’t believe it was receiving so many views so quickly.”

De Prophetis recalls something. “I believe it surpassed 2 million views in the first hour.” The video has about 8 million views and over 42,000 comments as of September 2021.

De Prophetis was inspired by his success to concentrate on grooming videos. “I realized I needed to start making more videos with different dog breeds — and cats, too,” she says. “The work that goes into grooming an animal piqued the public’s interest.”

De Prophetis, who owns four dogs, has since carved out a place on TikTok with her unique blend of instructive and funny content. It’s no wonder that her views have climbed to 4.6 million as of September 2021, thanks to videos that show the entire grooming process and keep you giggling as she refers to the dogs as “little gnocchi rolls” or “living stuffed animals with the face of an angel and the mouth of a shark.” De Prophetis’ in-person grooming business, Perfect Pooches, has exploded since she went viral.

Vanessa De Prophetis Net worth

Vanessa has an estimated net worth ranging between $ 100k – $ 1 million dollars.

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Vanessa De Prophetis Age

De Prophetis is currently 30 years old. She was born on 20 January 1992 in Canada.

Vanessa De Prophetis Height

She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall

Vanessa De Prophetis Family

Vanessa was raised in Canada, she has however not revealed any details concerning her family. It is unknown if she has any siblings or parents.

Vanessa De Prophetis Husband

Vanessa has kept matters concerning her love life private from the public eye. It is unknown if she is in a relationship or currently involved with someone.

Vanessa De Prophetis Married

Vanessa has not revealed any details concerning her love affairs. It is unknown if she is in a relationship currently.

How Old is Vanessa De Prophetis?

De Prophetis was born on 20 January 1992 in Canada. She is currently 29 years.

Is Vanessa De Prophetis Married?

Vanessa has not revealed any details concerning her love affairs. It is unknown if she is in a relationship currently.


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